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The MLTT will cost your family thousands when buying a home.

Land Transfer Tax

If a Municipal Land Transfer Tax is introduced in your community, you would pay the following land transfer taxes on the average priced Ontario home ($445,000):

  • $ 4,625 New Land Transfer Tax
  • $ 5,375 Current Provincial Land Transfer Tax
  • $ 10,000 Total Land Transfer Taxes

You can calculate the land transfer taxes for your new home with this simple

See the video that helped stop the tax.

Ontario home buyers can't afford another tax.

Ontarians are already stretched. 2 out of 3 strongly agree that they are tired of additional taxes on homeowners, and say homeowners pay too many taxes already.**

The MLTT makes it harder to purchase a home. Almost 80% of Ontarians think that the MLTT would limit their ability to afford a home.**

A strong majority of Ontarians oppose the expansion of the MLTT. 7 in 10 Ontarians would be less likely to vote for a politician who supports an MLTT.**

The MLTT puts an unfair burden on home buyers.

90% of Ontarians think home ownership is part of the Canadian dream.*

6 in 10 Ontarians think the MLTT is an unfair tax on homeowners.**

3 out of 4 Ontarians say that an MLTT would delay their decision to buy a home.**

The MLTT has hurt Toronto's economy.

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